Tandem Ciders’ Crabster

Chosen by MyNorth.com as the drink for this November is Tandem Ciders’ Crabster, a cider made with the addition of crab apples:

November’s Featured Cider: Tandem Ciders Crabster

There’s nothing more fitting on a November table than fall apples, especially a tart, food-friendly cider such as the Tandem Ciders Crabster. For this bottling, the Suttons Bay cider house added in some crab apples. They imitate the bittersharp apples that are more often used across the pond and bring a welcome punch of acidity and tannins to this dry stunner. “Like a dry white wine, this is a good food-pairing cider,” says Dennis Boulanger of Anderson’s Market in Glen Arbor, who adds that a tart pairing works on Thanksgiving for the same reasons that tart cranberries do.