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Why should I Join the MCA?

There are many benefits to joining, including forging valuable connections with cidermakers, growers, industry experts, and suppliers fostering a supportive environment for sharing knowledge, experiences, connections, and even equipment through MCA-hosted gatherings and an exclusive members-only online forum.

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Increased Marketing Exposure

Our printed hard cider map will easily direct new guests to your business! Plus, our social media presence allows us to showcase your ciders, events, and stories to a wider audience, enhancing your brand's visibility and attracting more customers. Additionally, the new MCA website has special feature pages highlighting each member's business with helpful SEO to draw new customers directly to you!

Discounts on Cider Courses

Stay at the forefront of cidermaking techniques and industry trends with discounted access to the best educational programs empowering you to continue to refine your craft and elevate your products. MCA Members receive 70% off the following courses:

Cider & Perry Production Foundation Online
An in-depth introduction to cider and perry production where you'll acquire the key skills and knowledge necessary to make quality products, and network with peers and cider experts including instructors from Cornell University, Brock University, and Washington State University, plus world-renowned cider makers and consultants who'll lead live discussions about the application of production knowledge to a career in the cider industry.

Certified Cider Professional Certifications
Help your team grow their understanding of cider to increase their confidence & effectiveness! The Certified Cider Professional Program is the foremost cider education certification program to provide food & beverage professionals & enthusiasts with the knowledge & skills to share the joy & nuance of cider.

Representation at Key Events

Through our network of partnerships, we'll ensure your ciders are well-represented at various events and establishments, expanding your reach and opening new avenues for sales. Plus, you'll be featured at our public cider fest during Cider Week GR on Saturday, May 18th. Cider festivals in the greater Traverse City area, mid-Michigan, and the West Michigan lakeshore are also in the works for 2024 - stay tuned! You may also be interested in participating in GLINTCAP - the world's largest cider competition - held May 15 - 17, 2024. Enter your products for judging to receive feedback from some of the best cidermakers worldwide!


The Enthusiast Membership is designed for the super fans of cider. Gain early access to festivals and specials throughout the year promoted by our member cider makers.


Enthusiast Membership



Membership for Michigan Small Winery and Winery license holders that have produced at least 500 gallons of cider in the 12 months preceding membership application. Voting Membership


Standard Membership


Trade Membership (Small Grower)

Membership for the small farming community doing business or interested in doing business in the cider industry. You must be farming no more than 100 acres of land to receive the discount. Non-Voting


Trade Membership


Trade Membership

Membership for individuals and organizations doing business or interested in doing business with the Michigan cider industry. Non-Voting


Trade Membership