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The MCA launches a new website


The Michigan Cider Association is excited to announce the launch of its revamped website, designed to offer an immersive experience for cider enthusiasts, tourists, and cidery members. The upgraded platform, set to go live in January 2024, promises a host of new tools and features aimed at providing an engaging journey through the world of Michigan Cider.

With a commitment to showcasing the unique story of Michigan Cider – from sapling to sip – the enhanced website serves as a comprehensive hub for cider lovers, offering an in-depth exploration of the craft’s origins, processes, and flavors. Visitors will have access to exclusive content, including educational resources, cider-making techniques, and a showcase of the diverse cider offerings across the state.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a dynamic digital platform that not only celebrates the rich heritage of Michigan Cider but also provides a valuable resource for both enthusiasts and industry professionals,” said Paula Englin, Executive Director of the Michigan Cider Association. “Our goal is to offer an interactive space where visitors can delve into the fascinating journey of cider-making while discovering the unique flavors and experiences our region has to offer.”

Moreover, the website incorporates enhanced functionalities tailored for trade members, presenting opportunities for advertising and networking within the flourishing cider industry. Cidery members will have access to specialized tools aimed at promoting their products and engaging with a broader audience of cider aficionados.

The Michigan Cider Association encourages newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts to explore the new website and immerse themselves in the diverse world of Michigan Cider!