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Styles of Cider


GLINTCAP organizes style categories into three groups: Standard, Specialty, and Intensified and Distilled.

Standard Styles

There are known styles not represented here. In the case of a cider made to a style not explicitly represented here, it should be entered in the closest applicable category. For perry of a non-represented style, the decision should based on tannin content. If in doubt, enter as Modern Perry.

Specialty Styles

The Specialty grouping includes ciders and perries made with added ingredients, those made with substantial amounts of sugar sources to increase starting gravities, and beverages made from a combination of apple and pear juice (often known as “pear cider”).

The same general characteristics and fault descriptions apply to the Specialty group as to the Standard group, with the exception of the adjuncts allowed within each style category.

Applewine is no longer recognized as a distinct category. Most applewines should be entered in Specialty Cider and Perry.

New England Cider is no longer recognized as a distinct category. Most New England Ciders should be entered in Wood Aged Cider, Wood Aged Specialty Cider, or Specialty Cider and Perry.

Mead is no longer recognized as a distinct category. Cysers and pear melomels should be entered in Specialty Cider and Perry or Wood Aged Specialty Cider.

Beer entries with apples and/or pears are no longer accepted. Noncommercial entrants should consider the National Homebrew Competition as an alternative. Commercial entrants should consider the Great American Beer Festival Competition and/or the World Beer Cup as alternatives.

Intensified and Distilled Styles

The Intensified and Distilled group includes cider and perry that is concentrated, fortified, or distilled.

Ice Cider entries in the Noncommercial Division will be considered part of the Specialty Class with regard to Best in Class judging.

Noncommercial entrants are not permitted to enter Fortified Cider or Spirits.