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Rosé Cider

Rosé Cider is intended for any Standard Cider whose coloration is derived entirely from red-fleshed and/or red-skinned apples. Ciders whose color is derived in whole or in part from added ingredients (blueberries, grape skins, rose petals, etc.) should be entered in a Specialty Cider category.


A Rosé Cider often has aromas and flavors associated with red-fleshed fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and watermelon. Red-fleshed apple varieties also can exhibit unique volatile profiles exhibiting other non-fruit characteristics, such as grassiness.


The intensity of the color will vary depending on the varieties used and the production techniques employed by the cidermaker. The colors can range from light pink to dark red and into orange. The use of maceration to provide color is allowable in this category.


Cider produced from red-fleshed apples can contain high levels of bitter and astringent compounds. Although not a fault, the presence of these two characteristics should be in balance and not overpowering to the palate.

Overall Impression

Rosé Ciders must exhibit an identifiable coloration that fits the above description. Flavor and aromas can range from subtle to complex. The body of the cider can range from light to heavy.


Commonly used varieties include Airlie Red Flesh, Cranberry, Dolgo, Geneva Crab, Niedzwetzkyana, Redfield, Pink Pearl, Roberts Crab, and Otterson.