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Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition

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May 15-17 in Grand Rapids, MI

The Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP), now in its 18th year, is the world’s largest cider competition focused on raising the caliber of cider as a category through emphasis on providing clear and helpful feedback to entrants from some of the most experienced palates in the industry, in addition to coveted medals and trophies. Held annually in Grand Rapids, GLINTCAP receives and judges over 1,400 commercial and noncommercial entries from across the world.

2024 Commercial Results  2024 Non-Commercial Results

GLINTCAP 2024 Results

Congratulations to all medalists in this year’s judging!

2024 Commercial Results

2024 Non-Commercial Results


Why Participate in GLINTCAP?

Entering GLINTCAP – the world’s largest cider competition – promises unparalleled advantages for cidermakers…

Recognition and Exposure: Participating boosts brand visibility and establishes credibility among consumers, distributors, and retailers.

Marketing Opportunities: Awards provide compelling material for marketing, enhancing your brand’s appeal and setting your ciders apart in a competitive market.

Feedback and Improvement: Competing provides valuable feedback from global cider experts, helping you identify areas for improvement and refine your cider products.

Networking Opportunities: Participation as a volunteer judge or steward facilitates connections with industry professionals, opening doors to important collaborations.


Past Winners

Interested in seeing who won last year’s competition? Check out the results from previous GLINTCAP competitions:


GLINTCAP Rules & Guidelines

Whether you’re a commercial or amateur cidermaker, click the button below to review the 2024 GLINTCAP Rules & Entry Guidelines.


Meet the GLINTCAP Committee

Ambrosia – Headshot

Ambrosia Borowski

Ambrosia had the honor of starting with GLINTCAP as a judge in 2015. Originating from Chicago, Ambrosia had the privilege of contributing to the cider community by founding Chicago Cider Week and establishing both Northman Cider Bar locations. Most recently, Ambrosia held the Director of Restaurant Operations role at Fountainhead Hospitality Group, cherishing the opportunity to learn and grow within the food and beverage industry. Judging beverage competitions throughout the country, GLINTCAP is by far a favorite.

Jeff Cottrell – Headshot

Jeffrey Cottrell

2024 will mark Jeffrey C. Cottrell’s ninth GLINTCAP as a competitor and eighth as part of the behind-the-scenes crew helping to bring the world’s largest cider and perry competition to fruition. Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, he is the Registrar at the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History. Other interests include volunteering his time as President and Curator of the Saginaw County Sports Hall of Fame and as a board member for the International Sports Heritage Association. Jeff likes to spend time playing his bass, traveling to Michigan cideries, and getting to know the owners/makers and the products they produce. He loves to help those producers press apples into the cider used to ply their craft. His home orchard boasts eight apple trees (MM111) which inspire his contributions to the noncommercial side of the competition. CCP Level 1 was achieved in 2023 and he has set his sights on the Certified Pommelier exam when testing returns to Michigan. Jeffrey and Haley have been married for 16 years and they have two children.


Charles McGonegal

Charles McGonegal started AEppelTreow Winery (pronounced “apple true”) in 2001 as an elaborate ploy to buy his wife more jewelry. And that’s what he keeps telling her. Starting with a biochemistry degree from Michigan Technological University, a modicum of food analytical chemistry experience, a burgeoning relationship with a grower of heirloom apples, and carboy of insanity, Charles leveraged a basement cider operation into the smallest nationally distributed cider brand. Mr. McGonegal practices an esoteric branch of cidermaking; growing traditional bittersweet European cider cultivars and perry pears and exercising the fine art of the methode champenoise. His pursuit of ‘building cider from the ground up’ has even led him into the labyrinthine mysteries of the USDA Quarantine System, from which he has emerged with even more hard-to-grow – but flavorful – apples and pears. Charles has been an active participant in the developing American cider community, as Vice President of the Great Lakes Cider and Perry Association, judge-educator for the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, contributor to the BJCP Cider Style Guidelines, and presenting at cider seminars in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. In 2009, AEppelTreow branched into the world of nano-distilling. In his spare time, Charles is employed as a chemist at a Chicago-area petrochem research company where he entertains his co-workers with amazing tricks in MS Excel, has presented informatics philosophy and implementation to the National Conference of the American Chemical Society and scribbles on the backs of his 15 patents in reactive chromatography and high-throughput catalyst screening. Indeed, only Charles’ boundless modesty keeps him from world domination.

Malaika Tyson – Headshot

Malaika Tyson

Malaika Tyson (CiderSoms) develops and produces written, visual, and multimedia cider-related content. She began her adventures in cider almost two decades ago and has converted many cider skeptics into cider lovers. Malaika has been a steward at GLINTCAP for several years and recently served as the 2023 Steward Coordinator. Malaika is excited to continue in the role for 2024!

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Attending the GLINTCAP cider competition is a delightful experience for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. With a vibrant atmosphere filled with the aromas of diverse ciders, the event offers a unique opportunity to savor exceptional flavors, engage with passionate cider makers, and celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship within the cider and perry community.