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GLINTCAP | May 15 - 17, 2024 | Early-Season Registration Open Now!

8986 1st Street Baroda, Michigan 49101



Chill Hill Winery

Our mission is to create welcoming one-of-a-kind experiences with a vacation vibe by delivering honest friendly service and fun beach-inspired products. All of our ciders are gluten-free and made from 100% Michigan Apples.

“When believing in someone, you give them that hope of accomplishing what they’re aiming for. Know that believing in others is not easy; it takes time and effort before seeing the outcome of that achievement. For this reason, I want to thank my Grandma Norma for all of her faith by simply believing in me, our seventh-generation family farm, and our future… it’s a great honor to be given the guts to execute a successful business.

The project of “one day owning a winery”, has been very close to my heart because initially, this dream started as my dad’s desire. Subsequently, with time and teamwork, we accomplished our end objective resulting in the best possible outcome. Knowing the farm is a full-time job plus some, my dad put me through college, taking the reigns as the Project Manager.

Utilizing my degree, I was proudly picked to have the title of owner- being able to bring my new knowledgeable intel to the table! I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this role without the courage of my Grandma. Norma may have closed her eyes and prayed to the stars above before co-signing all the paperwork but she saw the determination and details toward our family dream. We all continuously contribute equally in our own ways to this project!

I would especially like to thank our customers too, giving their continuous business, motivating us to work harder to give them the best services in our capacity. It surely is a reward for the past tasks successfully done by me and my team! There is a lot in store for the future and hope you continue joining us on this journey. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING CHILL HILL!
— Cheers! Ashley Nitz