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2365 Joslyn Court Orion Township, Michigan 48360



Fourth Coast Ciderworks

We are a small hard cider producer in Southeast Michigan. We have roots all over the country. We want to share our cider journey.

My family came upon apples by accident. My Grandfather purchased three pear trees for his Detroit home. He carefully planted them and took care as they grew. It took four years until the first fruit appeared. However, the trees were not pears, but apples. An exciting mistake for me. By the time I was born, the three apple trees reached way higher than the power lines. These were not your small orchard apple trees. Nor were they a popular store variety of apples. I spent most of my summers in those trees.

At Fourth Coast Ciderworks, we make small batches to ensure quality. We work with beer size, about 3 BBLs per batch. This is under 100 gallons of pure delicious quality cider per batch! Try Fourth Coast Cider and try a truly remarkable cider. Our dry cider has a complex taste with a thirst-quenching finish.