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Heartwood Ciders – Opening Soon!

We’re David & Rachel Barnard and Ed & Cathy Nyberg. We’re the first-generation apple growers/farmers/cider makers behind Heartwood Ciders. We also happen to be a family. Few things matter more than family, so when we had the idea to start a Cidery, doing it together just made sense. We are passionate about being great stewards of the land, striving for excellence in all that we do, and welcoming others to join us on our journey.

We started this journey in 2021, with limited experience in cider making and specialty crop farming, and a lot of work to be done. However, what we had in excess was a passion for cider and a drive to be successful. Heartwood Ciders believes in making the best quality product, from start to finish. We believe in raising awareness of the traditional method of cider making, focusing on heirloom apples and limiting additives. We plan to open our doors in 2025, and hope you will be there to join us!

We are building the place where we raise our family, experience beautiful Northern Michigan, and gather together over a pint of cider. We want to instill in our children and our community a love and respect for the land and an overwhelming desire to get outside and work with our hands. We hope to show future generations what can be accomplished if you follow your dreams!

Follow along with our journey on our YouTube channel, Cidery From Scratch!