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205 West Chisholm Street Alpena, Michigan 49707



Presque Isle Farm Cider

Presque Isle Farm is a small centennial farm in northern Michigan. Our mission is to grow nourishing food and utilize Michigan-based agriculture to cultivate value-added products that honor traditional craft. We handle each item we produce with care and are committed to creating a company that allows us to grow and pursue a healthy community, a vibrant local economy, and an ecologically flourishing environment.

Presque Isle Farm Cider is the extension of our small family farm that focuses on minimal intervention naturally fermented cider. We source all of our apples from small farms across northern Michigan. We use a combination of cider-specific apple varieties, classic American apples, and wild foraged apples. Presque Isle Farm Cider tastes of Michigan orchards, Great Lakes winds, and the farmland and forests of the Mitten.

Presque Isle Farm Cider is made of only apples. These are not the sweet ciders you typically find on the grocery store shelves. Our ciders are made in the traditional English and New England style and focus on cider-specific apples that can bring a complexity equal to wine. For those who are new to this type of cider, the potential of the apple may be surprising. For the seasoned cider drinker, we hope you enjoy our northeast Michigan take on this old tradition.