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7450 Franklin Road Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48301



The Franklin Cider Mill

The Franklin Cider Mill is a one-of-a-kind living piece of history.  We take pride in our family-friendly atmosphere and strive to provide exceptional service. We press and bottle our own cider at our Mill!

Our cider season opens Labor Day weekend and remains open until the first weekend after Thanksgiving. The apples are sorted and washed before going into the grinder. We make our cider with only the best, clean apples! In the main visitor area, you can observe our cider being pressed.  We press daily.  On weekends we have multiple presses each day. The cider at the Franklin Cider Mill is NOT filtered, NOT pasteurized, and does NOT contain any form of preservative.  It is pure apple juice and MUST be kept refrigerated.

The Franklin Cider Mill donuts are made fresh and on-demand each day. Our unique donuts are from an old German spice recipe. We have proudly served the same warm donuts that have been served with our cold cider for over 80+ years.