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539 Leonard Street Northwest Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504



The Peoples Cider Company

Jason Lummen pressed the apples at a local farm for his first batch of cider in 2002. After enjoying the success of those initial rounds of five-gallon batches Jason purchased his first fifty-gallon fermenter; which his wife welcomed into the kitchen of their one-bedroom apartment in Heartside.

As years passed his friends and family had the opportunity to taste the cider Jason was producing. Encouraged by their accolades, and having been fortunate enough to have had time immersed in European cider-drinking culture, Jason developed a dry drinkable cider that is a fresh take on craft beverages in West Michigan.

In June of 2011, on his son’s first birthday, Jason incorporated The Peoples Cider Company to create a premium dry cider.

Thank you for drinking. We appreciate your support, J. Lümmen & Family